Community Garden

A community garden is a way to grow local healthy food, a way for folks (young or older) to learn about gardening, a way to build up local resilience and sustainability. There is also a spiritual benefit  – having our hands in the earth, and experiencing our connection with nature, with plants.

The gardens were started in 2009 by Amina Silk and Arif Leininger as a beautiful, multifaceted and sustainable approach to many of the issues we are facing, such as pesticide use and GMO foods. Roy and Lois Gilbert shared in the organization of the gardens as well. The children’s Religious Education class has enjoyed growing and harvesting garlic, potatoes, and beans, and have learned about wild food, edible flowers, and to collect herbs for tea served at coffee hour. The Girl Scouts planted a plot for pollinators, a project that they enjoyed very much.

Amina and Arif are happily available for support and guidance in person at the gardens and by email or phone. They provide links to excellent websites, books to help folks get started, scheduled meetings to demonstrate earth-friendly, sustainable gardening, and a  spring community “getting-ready-to-plant” gathering, and a set of guidelines for maintaining the gardens.

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