Social Action Committee

Socially Responsible Investments

As a congregation, we voted to update our investment selection for the church endowment to a Socially Responsible fund offered by Calvert. The Executive Committee brought the issue to light at a forum and the congregation agreed that this was an important aspect of being committed to social action. Calvert fund holdings are screened onContinue reading “Socially Responsible Investments”

Peace Flag

UUSG participated in the Peace Flag Project by creating beautiful images of peace on fabric squares. Members & friends connected via Zoom to work on their contribution showing what peace means to them. The squares will be mailed to be sewn together and displayed on a city building in Half Moon Bay, CA. The flagContinue reading “Peace Flag”

Take Action

You can make a difference by helping wonderful organizations online. Online petitions and other actions work by virtue of the number of people who participate—their effectiveness depends on widespread involvement. Sign on, and encourage your friends to support causes they believe in. [Read more…]

About the SAC

The UUSG Social Action Committee looks for ways to help spread love and kindness while working for justice throughout Greater Gardner and the world.

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