The word “worship” comes from Old English translated as “to create things of worth and meaning.” At UUSG we gather in worship to create and find meaning and to live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion. Our Sunday worship services embrace multiple religious traditions, and we seek understanding, strength, community, and the sacred together. 

Pastoral elements of the service include a homily by the worship leader, a prayer from one of many traditions, a time of meditation led by the service leader, and the sharing of congregants’ Joys and Concerns, where individuals are invited to light a candle and may, if they wish, say a few words about a meaningful event in their lives. Our worship includes hymns and responsive readings from “Singing the Living Tradition” and “Singing the Journey.” 

Note: The first, third, and any fifth Sunday of each month is an “Accessible Sunday” and worship services are held in the Peace Sanctuary of the Fellowship Hall, on the ground level.

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