Upcoming Services

We are meeting remotely in January—join us in Zoom services Sundays at 10 am. We’ll re-assess the local covid risk prior to February services, when we may be able to return to hybrid (in-person and streamed to Zoom). For information on how to join the service online, call or email us.

January 2 – Do You Really Want to Know? – Frieda Reichsman
The Unitarian Universalist singer/songwriter Peter Mayer wrote a song titled “Do You Really Want to Know?” about the challenge we face when confronted with a piece of knowledge that threatens our old, comfortable worldview. Sometimes, in order to add something new to our life, we will need to give up something old. 

January 9 – Pack It or Trash It – Julie Pera
Consider, for a moment, the idea of your brain as a set of luggage: carry-on bag, suitcase, and a steamer chest.  Some things belong in your carry-on, some even carefully stored in the easily accessed side pocket. Other things might go into the suitcase, worth holding onto even while knowing that you have to check that bag and can’t always have access to it. Some precious things should be carefully wrapped and stored in the steamer chest, to be taken out and appreciated only at special times. Let’s use this time together to actively make decisions about what is worth taking into 2022, and to be intentional about what to leave behind.

January 16 – How To Be A Human Being – Cheryl Jacques
Some days it’s hard to be a human being, at least a good and kind human being.  Several different stories show different ways kindness can be shown, and experienced.

January 23 – Creativity in Deep Winter – Sarah Dorsey
By hand, word, song or other medium we all create in different ways. Come and be inspired to warm your heart and your space by sharing in this Service In the Round.

January 30 – Coffee and Conversation
On this fifth Sunday in January, we will have Zoom social time starting at 10 am.

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