Upcoming Services

Join us for online services each Sunday at 10 am. For information on how to join the service, call or email us.

March 7 – If It Wasn’t for the Women – Catherine Azora-Minda
In celebration of National Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, we will honor the contributions of women in our society.  The folk singing duo Emma’s Revolution will zoom in and share their music with us in worship.  Arif will lead us in the touchstone songs of our service.

March 14 – Religion, Faith, and Spirituality: Something for Everyone – Sue Blain
An invitation to explore and pursue our personal, unique blends of religion, faith, and spirituality, while encouraging and supporting others in their personal journeys.

March 21 – Celebrating Ostara – Laura Reichsman
Come celebrate the spring equinox with the earth-based holiday of Ostara.  Before Christianity came to dominate the cultures of Europe, many people celebrated festivals on or near the equinox. During the spring equinox the Northern European goddess of fertility Ostara (also known as Eostre) was worshipped. As part of the strategy to absorb and eliminate the pagan religions, the Christians eventually adopted the name Easter for their own spring holiday, and the equinox festivals gradually declined over time. Let’s celebrate the original holiday as we joyfully welcome back spring!

March 28 – The Warmth of Community – The Executive Committee
Come sit by our fire, Wanderer… Throughout this year of seeing each other remotely, we have learned to generate the warmth of community that keeps us gathering on Sundays around our virtual fire. Each year at this time we look back at our fellowship’s wake and look ahead to the horizon—to understand what powers us spiritually, what feeds our souls, and what fuels the fire of commitment.

When the era of COVID-19 has passed, we’ll once again come together for services in our sanctuaries each Sunday at 10 am. Children attend the introduction of the service before being escorted to Religious Education class. All are welcome at the coffee hour held in our Fellowship Hall following the service.

On “Accessible Sundays,” worship services are held in the Peace Sanctuary of the ground floor Fellowship Hall. Accessible Sunday occurs regularly on the first, third, and any fifth Sunday.

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