Upcoming Services

Services are at 10 am on Sunday, once per month in July and August, and resuming weekly services on the second Sunday of September. Join us in person, or online in Zoom. For information on how to join the service online, call or email us.

Sept 11 – Water communion – Music & Worship Committee
Weekly services resume with the traditional Water Communion. As you go about your summer activities, pease collect water from your summer places and bring the water to be shared in the communal bowl at this service.

September 18 – Who’s Welcome? – Rev. Leaf Seligman
As UUSG recommits to being a welcoming congregation, we will explore the dimensions of welcome. What does it mean to be truly welcoming and to whom? The Sikh activist and writer Valarie Kaur says strangers are a part of ourselves we have not yet met, so in addition to welcoming others, are there parts of ourselves we have not yet welcomed? Come and explore this question with Leaf.

September 25 – May Nothing Evil Cross This Door – Laura Reichsman
Rev. Victoria Safford said “Evil is the capacity, within us and among us, to break sacred bonds with our own souls, with one another, and with the holy.  Further, it is the willingness to excuse or justify this damage, to deny it, or to call it virtue.”  We see a lot of what Rev. Safford defines as evil these days. How do we keep it from dragging us under with despair and anger?

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