Upcoming Services

Services are at 10 am on Sunday, once per month in July and August, and resuming weekly services on the second Sunday of September. Join us in person, or online in Zoom. For information on how to join the service online, call or email us.

January 8 – Fire Communion – Frieda Reichsman
The Fire Communion is a UU ritual that is performed near the start of the new year. Rather than making resolutions for the coming year, in the Fire Communion we focus on letting go of things that are preventing us from reaching for and being our best selves.

January 15 – Aren’t We Already a Welcoming Congregation? – 
Julie Pera
We welcome all who walk through our doors without discrimination based on age, race, occupation, gender, other religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.  In 20##, UUSG completed the work necessary to be recognized by the UUA as a Welcoming Congregation. We are now emerging from the individual cocoons we each created in response to the COVID pandemic and, as a congregation, we have committed to strengthen our community bonds by actively participating in the Welcoming Congregation Renewal process. This service promises to engage your brain, heart, soul and hands within the warmth and comfort of our blessed community.

January 22 – A Recipe for a Happy Life – Laura Reichsman
We all have our own recipe for a happy life, but are there some common ingredients? Come find out!

January 29 – MUDITA:  Unselfish Joy – Boden Azora-Minda
Buddhism is not all about suffering.  Mudita is deriving pleasure from seeing others do well.  This practice softens our hearts and helps us to gain an inner source of infinite joy.

February 5th – Celebrate Imbolc – Chris Tangora
One of the eight Sabbats, Imbolc is the half-way point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. Celebrate the end of Winter by bringing your seeds for the Spring and making Brigid butter.

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