Unselfish Joy 

Sunday, January 29th at 10am by Boden Azora-Minda – Buddhism is not all about suffering.  Mudita is deriving pleasure from seeing others do well.  This practice softens our hearts and helps us to gain an inner source of infinite joy.

Thursday Night Meditation Group

Thursdays, 6:45pm. In-Person @ the Fellowship Hall. The group practices mindfulness meditation and is led by Boden Azora-Minda. Each meeting includes a talk, a meditation period and time for questions. All are welcome and beginners are encouraged. The group meets in the Peace Sanctuary.

Fresh Ground Coffee House Re-Opens for 2023

Saturday, January 21st @ 7:00p Maggie Neff, local singer and musician, is the opening night performer. We hope you will come by and bring your friends and family. Please spread the word and let’s make the first show a fun evening. Great music, great coffee ,great snacks and with you all, a great group ofContinue reading “Fresh Ground Coffee House Re-Opens for 2023”

Aren’t We Already a Welcoming Congregation?

Sunday, January 15th at 10am by Julie Para – We welcome all who walk through our doors without discrimination based on age, race, occupation, gender, other religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.  In 2014 UUSG was designated a Welcoming Congregation. Why are we revisiting this process now? This service promises to engage your brain, heart, soulContinue reading “Aren’t We Already a Welcoming Congregation?”

Want some great ideas for a green life?

By Sue Blain. Green America is a great source of information about things we can do in our everyday lives for a cleaner environment.  A couple of examples from their archives include 21 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle and 13 Toxic Chemicals Lurking in Your Home. The recycling article includes links for where you can recycle variousContinue reading “Want some great ideas for a green life?”

“We Believe” Sign Sale Raises Funds for Gardner CAC

The UUSG Social Action Committee organized a successful fundraising effort by selling “We Believe…” signs and donating the $250 proceeds to Gardner’s Community Action Center. The Center provides many services to economically disadvantaged individuals in Greater Gardner, including the healthy food, fuel assistance, medical transportation and more. You can donate directly to the CAC atContinue reading ““We Believe” Sign Sale Raises Funds for Gardner CAC”