Lessons from Monet: A Meditation on Sight and Vision

April 2nd, 10am by Rev. Leaf Seligman Rev. Leaf has  kept a copy of Lisel Mueller’s poem “Monet Refuses the Operation” for years for the instruction it offers readers about the limits of sight and the true scope of vision. Having recently experienced an immersive Monet exhibit, she was inspired to pick up where theContinue reading “Lessons from Monet: A Meditation on Sight and Vision”

Come Sing a Song with Me

February 26 @ 10AM, Laura Reichsman Nobody’s perfect and we all struggle with some skill that others do very well. Self-acceptance and a good sense of humor can ease the discomfort of enjoying doing something, even if you don’t do it very well. Come make a joyful noise as we sing songs and embrace our imperfections.

What Abides

February 12 @ 10AM Rev. Leaf Seligman Join Rev. Leaf in an exploration of what it means to abide in the midst of personal and collective uncertainty.  There will be a talking circle following the service which provides space for all who would like to delve a little deeper into this topic.

Unselfish Joy 

Sunday, January 29th at 10am by Boden Azora-Minda – Buddhism is not all about suffering.  Mudita is deriving pleasure from seeing others do well.  This practice softens our hearts and helps us to gain an inner source of infinite joy.

Aren’t We Already a Welcoming Congregation?

Sunday, January 15th at 10am by Julie Para – We welcome all who walk through our doors without discrimination based on age, race, occupation, gender, other religious affiliations, or sexual orientation.  In 2014 UUSG was designated a Welcoming Congregation. Why are we revisiting this process now? This service promises to engage your brain, heart, soulContinue reading “Aren’t We Already a Welcoming Congregation?”